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Lots of reviews to post in the upcoming days ahead.  Hopefully, in the near future I'll be able to post other reviews of my own work, but either/or, my favorite stories will be talked about here.  Enjoy!

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Lynn Lorenz is a great new author (well, at least to me) within the genre of m/m erotica.  I discovered her through the Literary Nymphs mailing list when she posted an excerpt of her now released: “It Takes A Hero”, (on Loose ID.)


I was so enamored with her writing style that I bought, at that time, all four e-books offered through Loose I.D.  I’ve read her first in a possible two-parter: “Jackson’s Pride” and must comment on this woman’s talent!


Jackson’s Pride” is about a mercenary named Jackson who rescues a nobleman named Will from a torturous death due to being caught kissing a young man and thus being falsely accused of attacking him. 


While Jackson nurses Will back to health, they develop feelings for each other, and realize that life is full of complications.  Jackson feels he cannot give himself completely to this younger man who has captured his heart, because he is a bastard son of another Earl and has no name or dowry to offer.  He has been called back to his Earl father’s home for reasons he is not certain of, but he hopes to be able to at least obtain some recognition for being the Earl’s son.  It turns out, however, that the world is very small as Will had a relationship ten years ago with Jackson’s half brother, Hugh, who is a merciless tyrant and the expected heir to the Earl’s estate.  Things just keep going from there and I don’t want to give too much away, but I read this story in one sitting and am looking forward to the weekend to continue with her second book in her ‘Company of Men’ series: “The Mercenary’s Tale” (about two other men).  She also has a modern day cowboy series called: “Common Powers” with Book 1: “Soul Bonds” and Book 2: “Rush In The Dark”.  I’ve not read these all the way through as yet (due to time constraints), but I did read the “Rush In The Dark” excerpt and it was a great beginning to a phone sex scene. 


Rreading “Jackson’s Pride” I was thrilled beyond measure to feel the emotion in the relationship between these two men.  And when she mixed that with the sex, it made for an enjoyable voyeuristic experience.         


Lynn’s talent is nothing to sneer at.  She is a great writer who knows how to keep the story flowing and also has well-developed plot lines and characters that make you want to be a part of their lives.  I cannot wait to read the rest of her works.  Please read the excerpts to Lynn’s stories offered on Loose ID at this link:


Be prepared for some great story telling. 

And now that I’ve caused Lynn to blush beyond reason, I wish you all ‘Happy Reading’!!

Write on!


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