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Ariel Tachna's "Partnership In Blood" series.
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Ariel Tachna's "Partnership In Blood" series.

Currently reading this series and am on the second book.  First book is reviewed below...

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Myristica’s Review of “Alliance In Blood”

By Ariel Tachna  

In an age where 3rd person omniscient writing is taking a backseat and is almost non-existent anymore, Ariel Tachna’s writing proves it can be done and with little to no brain strain for the reader.  She does head pop.  However, she does it in such a way that you never lose site of whose head she’s writing from.  I found it refreshing, though a little surprising.  Dreamspinner Press obviously allows for this style and I say, “Kudos to DSP!”  It’s nice to know a writer does not have to be limited if they can do 3PO and make it work. 

As for the story itself, Ariel Tachna has created a positively brilliant take on stories dealing with vampires, where wizards seek out the aid of vampires in order to combat a deadly dark wizard force within the city of Paris.  But can an alliance between the two factions be achieved?  It can if the head of the light wizards, Marcel Chavinier, has anything to say about it, and he sends in his most promising agent, Alain Magnier, to set up the first negotiations.  The vampires send their agent named Orlando and before you know it, the two are in synchronous union due to their magical connection within Alain’s blood.  It turns out that if vampires can find a wizard partner whose blood can protect them with magick, then Vampires can walk in the sunlight and thus create an army to be used against the dark wizard and his army either in the daylight or night hours.  However, getting the wizards and the vampires to trust each other is the key.  Alain and Orlando are the first to discover this incredible bond, which actually goes further than is necessary for an alliance, thus making it not only beneficial to the alliance, but also very personal.  Their discovery of the magick protection is the stepping stone to finding wizard partners for all the vampires they can.   

Alain’s relationship with Orlando may seem a bit sudden and quick, especially to Alain’s best friend Thierry, but in actuality it makes perfect sense.  Both are of wounded pasts and they find strength and unity within each other.  Alain’s blood protects Orlando from the life-threatening effects of sunlight, and Orlando, when feeding from Alain, brings life back into him again.   

There are the beginnings of treachery in this first installment of the “Partnership In Blood” series, but it promises to become an incredible ride.  The next book, “Covenant In Blood” will deal more with the formation of the army, as well as Thierry’s growing attachment to his vampire partner, Sebastien.  It is a marvelous plot, working within the details of magick, warfare, politics, ranks and shaky but voluntary unions.  The sexual situations are written with such care and love that it is worth it to read them, without feeling as though you’ve read the same thing over and over again.   

However, I have one minor complaint about the story telling and this is just my personal opinion: Though Ms. Tachna does not inundate us with sex (for the bonding of Alain and Orlando is necessary through the sexual acts portrayed here), there are some times when you feel her letting us in on Orlando’s torturous past with his maker is a bit redundant and/or drawn out.  That being said, the rest of the plot helps me to look over that small complaint, as does Alain’s determination to not do anything that would cause Orlando to slip into bad memories.      

Alain and Orlando’s relationship is beautifully woven and gave me, as a reader, the desire to delve further into it.  I’ve been told the next book will be even better than this first offering and I’m willing to believe it at this point.  This one is definitely worth the price.

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