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Excerpts from "GemInI Souls: Volume I - Discovery"

"Shattered Soul" (Prequel to "The Harp & Sword Chronicles") By Myristica
"Shattered Soul" Prologue by Myristica
Making Love...Without The Body
"The Harp & Sword Chronicles" Excerpt for "The Connecting Flame"
Excerpts from "GemInI Souls: Volume I - Discovery"
Crimson Dawn - Hallowed Echoes Excerpt
Pondering the things of the Spirit
Ariel Tachna's "Partnership In Blood" series.

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"The Dimenlien Chronicles" continues...

Past and present converge in this story of two mages, Razeal and Sevrin, who live out forbidden love and find that no matter where they escape to, or how many centuries they have remained hidden on Earth, they cannot escape forever the creature that wants Sevrin dead.

In this first installment: Razeal and Sevrin must remember what happened to them over five hundred years ago on another world in order to understand a threat that has found them on present day Earth.   

(Guest appearances by Hampton and other characters from "Crimson Dawn")

(Excerpt 1):


Staking claim...



            Razeal pushed the tumbler full of scotch to Sevrin, who reached for the glass, grasping Razeal’s hand in the process.  With that simple touch, their souls were instantly re-connected.  Razeal shivered under the sheer power of the love that flowed between them, but had no time to really bask in that feeling as Sevrin grabbed him by the shirt and tugged him half over the bar.  Their lips met in a powerful lock, and Sevrin refused to release it until he had his fill.

            Whether it was for show or truly what Sevrin wanted, Razeal neither knew nor cared.  Sevrin’s lips tasted damn sweet and Razeal yearned for that talented tongue to commandeer his mouth.  He could not hold back a groan of desire as he felt his hardening cock press against the edge of the counter, causing a not totally unpleasant feeling.

            “Oh my,” Hampton responded as he watched the display, his pleasure leaking out through his sultry voice.  “For me?  I’m touched.”

            Sevrin reluctantly pulled his lips from Razeal’s, but kept his grip firm on the dark haired mage’s shirt.  He turned to the vampire.  Hampton, I presume?”

            “Oh, so you’ve heard of me?”

            “I make it a point to know those my lover associates with.”  Sevrin stared Hampton in the eye.  “However, I would rather keep company with Razeal.  So, if you don’t mind…you can leave now.”

            Hampton’s grin faded into a stone cold glare and Razeal clocked the amount of time it took for Sevrin to make the vampire his enemy.  Less than fifteen seconds.  Tsk, tsk…Sevrin was slipping.

            “I don’t take kindly to being dismissed,” Hampton growled low in his throat, and his gray eyes flashed Sevrin a menacing look.

            “You misunderstand.  I’m not dismissing you.”  Sevrin made a show of lifting the shotgun and laying it on the counter, the barrel pointed directly at Hampton’s chest.  “I’m kicking you out.”

            “A sawed-off shotgun?” Hampton snorted.  “How very impressive, on a human scale.  But please, dearest, you’ll have to do better than that with me.”

            “Silver shot and salt…dearest.”  Sevrin half grinned.  “Can’t kill you, no, but it sure can sting.  And, honestly, I don’t want to have to take the time to clean up the mess this baby will leave.”  He patted the butt of his gun.  “I’ve got far more important things on my mind.”  He grinned at Razeal, emphasizing his meaning.

            Razeal almost fell completely into that smile and those gray-blue eyes, now darkened in the subdued lighting of the bar.  He turned to Hampton.  “Next time, make an appointment.  I mean, after all, the club is closed.”

            Hampton stood.  “Very well, Razeal, I can see that my timing was not conducive to the purpose of my visit, but I leave you with this thought, and forgive the cliché, but: ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’.  Think about it, will you?  I’ll be in touch.”  In seconds, Hampton transformed into a cloud of shadow and disappeared out of the club through the door Sevrin left open.

            “He’s pissed,” Razeal observed.

            “Do you care?” Sevrin asked.

            “Not in the least.”

            Sevrin waved his hand and the double glass doors shut, their steel locks clicking into place.  It was a nice punctuation to the vampire’s departure. 

            Razeal sighed heavily and tried to pull away from Sevrin’s grip.

            Sevrin, however, had other ideas. 

            “The first time was to show Hampton we belong to each other,” he whispered, huskily.  “This one is for me.”  He pulled Razeal into a kiss again, more passionate than the first one because this time, Sevrin meant it on a much deeper level. 

            “I’ve missed you,” he whispered.

            Razeal pushed the drinks aside and quickly climbed over the counter.  He fell into Sevrin’s arms.  “Not half as much as I’ve missed you, you damned bastard.  Two fucking years is a fucking long time to wait for you to find yourself, yet again.”

            “Well, I’m here now, so just shut up and let me show you how much I’ve missed you.  Will he be watching?”

            “No doubt.”

            It didn’t take long for them to get undressed.  Sevrin laid his leather duster jacket on the floor and pushed Razeal onto it, easing beside him and pulling the dark-haired mage into his arms.

            “Gods, Sevrin, it’s been too fuckin’ long.”

            Sevrin plastered kisses all over Razeal’s face, neck, shoulders, then worked his way back up again.  “I’ve been thinking about this all day,” he whispered, his voice hoarse with need.

            “We should move this upstairs,” Razeal suggested.

            “First we fuck like we haven’t seen each other in two years, then we’ll go make love.”

            Razeal chuckled, pulling Sevrin into a kiss.  The taste of salty skin and the feel of heavy whiskers turned him on more than he ever thought possible.  Maybe he could get used to the rugged, cowboy image.  On Sevrin it was damned sexy.  It brought back memories of range riding and ranching, making love on horseback in the days of gunslingers and backwater towns.  It also brought back memories of fucking under the stars in the desert or mountains, living by campfires, the smell of horse hide and leather, the taste of dust and salt.  Razeal’s cock reacted to the memories like it was one of Pavlov’s dogs.

            Sevrin’s hand sought Razeal’s hardness and stroked it, with gentle squeezes in between. 

            Razeal gasped as a bolt of excitement seared its way through his groin. 

            “We could, you know,” Sevrin whispered into Razeal’s ear, his hardness growing by the second as he stimulated Razeal’s cock.  He rubbed himself against Razeal’s thigh, igniting more heat and friction.

            “C-could...wh-what?” Razeal stammered as he sucked in quaking breaths with each stroke Sevrin lavished upon his aching member.  The warmth of pre-cum leaking out his tip heightened the pleasure.  “Make love under the stars?”

            Sevrin kissed him, nibbling his clean-shaven face, biting at his jaw-line and earlobe.  He breathed into Razeal’s ear and that pulled the dark-haired mage into a quivering mass of flesh and desire.  “Gods!” he breathed out, putting his hand over Sevrin’s and urging his lover to more. 

            “Yeah,” Sevrin replied.  “Why not?  My horse is saddled and I’m ready to ride.”

            “Your horse is in here and waiting for you to mount up,” Razeal argued, pushing his cock deeper into Sevrin’s palm.  “Fuck me, dammit!  I want you inside me!  Now!”

            Sevrin moved to kneel at Razeal’s feet and pulled his lover’s legs apart.  He gazed down on the lean body before him; the stiffening cock that arched and bobbed expectantly over Razeal’s taut and bronze-colored stomach...this was the outer beauty that encased the other half of Sevrin’s soul.

            They simply stared at each other, drinking in the other’s presence and not just with the eyes.

            “You’re still as beautiful as you were on the day we first met,” Razeal whispered.

            Sevrin’s eyes softened, and for a moment time stood still.  The only sound they could hear was the heavy breathing between them, the heartbeats of two souls in synchronous union.

            “I always think about that day…those days.  Do you?” Sevrin’s voice was low and cautious.

            Razeal pulled Sevrin to him.  “Always,” he replied, latching their lips together. 

            “Can we ever go back?”  Another cautious question.  Sevrin’s hands roamed over Razeal’s chest and shoulders almost as though he could reach in through the skin and tap into the dark-haired mage’s soul.  It was electrifying, energies untapped for months, coming to the surface, sparking their nerves.  Razeal trembled under his touch.

            “No, but neither can we forget, and that’s just as good.”

            Sevrin fell into the heat that Razeal created around them—a magick barrier to keep out unwanted voyeurs. 

            Let Hampton forever continue to wonder how two mages made love and created the energies that strengthened the sexual experience.

            For Sevrin and Razeal the world outside them did not exist when their energies mixed. 

            It was their secret weapon against all enemies both present…and past…


(Excerpt 2):


Making it very hard...



     Sevrin sighed heavily.  Razeal’s joy at reuniting with his animal guide was like a soothing balm over Sevrin’s soul and he found himself desiring to partake more of it.  Razeal’s spirit was anything but ordinary, which could prove to be a nice distraction from the thoughts that had plagued Sevrin all these months since leaving the Academy grounds.  As much as he feared having a companion nearby, especially if that companion turned out to be under Council orders, he also could not deny that he yearned for it as well. 

     Sevrin sighed, his loneliness dictating his next decision.  “If you are to travel with me, I need for you to promise that you will not infiltrate my thoughts.”

     Razeal stood after giving Corvan a few more scratches behind the ears.  He raised his hands, putting one to his chest over his heart, and then bowed, waving his black cloak flamboyantly around him.  “I give you my solemn oath as a mage.”

     Sevrin studied him, uncertain as to the sincerity of the oath just spoken.  Such an oath, even spoken by a spy, would warrant unfortunate results if broken.  “A mage oath is binding.  If you break it, then under the laws of the code I’ll be entitled to shed your blood.  Are you sure you want to put yourself under such an oath?”

     Razeal chuckled and patted Corvan’s neck.  “Sevrin, I have been on these mountain roads for over six months now, with no human companionship.  I’ve met some, spoken to others, but have no one with whom I can really converse.  Though my guide, Corvan, is a good companion, she is not human, nor does she stay with me all the time.  The loneliness that comes from such an existence is enough for me to do whatever it takes to ease it.  Yes, I’m sure about the oath.  Besides, you’ll tell me about your memories when you feel comfortable enough with me.”

     Sevrin shook his head in disbelief, crossing his arms over his chest.   Razeal was either arrogant or extremely confident.  “You think you’ll be around me that long?”

     Razeal folded his hands in front of him.  “Well, I’m not willing to bet on it, but I think you’ll find that my company is enjoyable.”  He approached Sevrin cautiously, his eyes full of invitation.  “And that you’ll soon not wish to part with it.” 

     A moment of silence issued between them.  They gazed at each other, Sevrin searching and Razeal allowing him to search.  Suddenly, and Sevrin should have judged this would happen simply by the way the mage’s eyes shifted, Razeal’s full lips broke into an easy grin.  “Wanna fuck?” he asked, completely unabashed.

     Sevrin groaned, agitated.  “Gods, you can be as frustrating as the darkness, Razeal.”

     Razeal chuckled, but quickly stopped when Sevrin started off again.  “Sevrin, Sevrin, I’m sorry.  Please...”  He hurried up to Sevrin’s side and put a hand to his shoulder, halting the blond before he could take another step.  “I’m a bit pushy.  I’m sorry.  I just wanted to do it, needed to do it, you know, to ease some of the tension in your body…”

     “Never mind,” Sevrin growled.  He let a few moments of silence flow between them, giving Razeal some discomfort of his own.  “I suppose you’ve given me no real reason to not trust you, and like you said, all you can give me is your word on that.”

     “True, true.  And, speaking of your lack of trust, what is this concern you have with spies being sent by the Council to watch you?”

     Sevrin shook his head.  “Nothing you need concern yourself with.”

     Razeal’s eyes lit up with laughter.  “Piss on the Council, if you ask me.”  He gazed at Sevrin with desire.  “And if they have hurt you, then I would heat the piss to boiling before pouring it over them.”

     Sevrin lowered his head, trying to hide his amusement over the image just painted, though the smile tugged at his lips.  “That is too intimate a promise to make to someone you just met.”

     “Perhaps, but there is something about you, Sevrin, something I find myself in lust with, and there is no reason to deny that.  But it is not like the lust of the groin.  There is more to you than that, I think.  Much more.  I would like to find out how much more.”

     “Lust comes and the moments, Razeal.”

     Razeal put a hand to Sevrin’s face, cupping his cheek and brushing his thumb tenderly over the suddenly reddening skin.  “Blushing becomes you, my friend.”

     Sevrin pulled away, embarrassed.  “You like to make hasty presumptions, Razeal?”

     “I do not believe in wasting time.  I see what I want and I take it.”  He stepped closer.

     Sevrin bit his bottom lip.  “Razeal, you’re making it very hard for me...”

     “I certainly hope so,” Razeal whispered and leaned in to kiss him.

(End Excerpts)


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