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Making Love...Without The Body

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Making Love...Without The Body
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Why sex is a 'no-show' between the two main characters of my "Harp & Sword" series in the first two-three books.
Why no sex between Thaddeus and Stephen at the beginning of this series?  
Well, for three reasons: Simply put 1) Stephen is underage (I have to keep in line with U.S. boundaries here, even if it does take place on another world with different rules.  Just can't take a chance I'll be lamblasted for writing about sex with an underage character).  And 2)...he suffers a terminal lung illness that is slowly stealing his stamina.  And finally, after his illness, this is probably the most plot-driven reason of all:  Due to the illness and the medicines he's been taking most of his 16 years he has become impotent. 
I've wrestled with desiring to write better sex scenes (I'm terrible at it!  Hey, I have to be honest here.)  I asked a friend of mine what she thought about the two boys never making whoopee until later in the story line when the plot calls for it. She reminded me of the Yaoi manga series entitled 'Fake', where there was plenty of sexual tension between Dee and Ryo for the first six books and then finally, in the seventh book, the sexual union took place.  It took seven books to get to the hot stuff.  She said it was much more sweeter for the waiting.  I garnered hope from that.  The series calls for Stephen and Thaddeus to push forward, so eventually Stephen will be able to have sex, but how we get him to that point is what the story is all about.  Then...hopefully, I will be able to really "bring it on home".  
(To quote Led Zeppelin.)
So, what's in store for the reader if there's no sexual stimulating scenes between the two main boys?  Plenty!
When Stephen wrestles with his inability to perform, how he bemoans not being able to unite with Thaddeus in 'that way', Thaddeus, being the loving and caring 'lover' that he is, assures him that they 'make love every day'. 
This story is full of intimacy between Thaddeus and Stephen, lots and lots and lots of love and caring and incredible hurt/comfort.  One thing I will say, I write from the heart. 
I think Thaddeus and Stephen's love story will also capture yours.
If you have any concerns or insights, please e-mail me at the below addy and feel free to comment. 
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