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"Shattered Soul" (Prequel to "The Harp & Sword Chronicles") By Myristica

"Shattered Soul" (Prequel to "The Harp & Sword Chronicles") By Myristica
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In honor of my forthcoming release: "Soul Storm: Part 1 - The Connecting Flame" from my "Harp & Sword Chronicles", I thought I would put up here the prequel to the entire series: "Shattered Soul".  This story tells of how Stephen and Thaddeus meet for the first time, the circumstances that caused the meeting to happen, and what happens to Thaddeus after.  In this story you learn how he became 'The Marked One'.  As the days and weeks go by, I will be posting chapters from this book on this site as a free read.  It is novel length, so brace yourself.  I just did not feel it's content was doable as a published novel, not that it's bad, just that it's a lot of info. dumping and world building.  It's a good introduction to the books, but it's not necessary to read this before you read the books.  Much of this story line is hinted at and exposited in the first two books, with the story of Thaddeus and Terahn's relationship to be delved into later, but you can read that side of Thaddeus' life here with this prequel.   It is a free read, so enjoy and comment.  I'd be curious to read what you think. :)
Also, this story line is copyrighted thru the Library of Congress, however, if you enjoy the story and the books and want to take a 'crack' at fan fiction, either Gen or Slash, all I ask is that you send your stories to me to put up on my website.  I would be honored! ;)   (If Slash, then by doing so you are indicating that you are 18 years or older. )   

Check back here for more links as they are posted. k? ;)